5 Reasons You Should Work With Accountants Without Borders

April 13, 2021

The world gets more connected every day, but it can feel bigger than ever when you’re expanding a business internationally. Besides language barriers, global logistics, and learning local customs, there’s figuring out how to file taxes across nations. Accountants Without Borders helps companies in and out of the United States with custom tax solutions.

1. Tax planning is essential for any business, but especially international ones.

A custom tax strategy is a critical part of any business, whether your operations are steadfastly local or span the globe. Working with an experienced accountant can help save money, maximize returns, and minimize the amount your business owes. A professional business accountant will take a holistic look at your company and customize a strategy for the way you do business.

Successful tax strategies aren’t a once-a-year call to a CPA when you’re ready to file. Instead, it’s a year-round way of doing business, from how you structure your company to when you order equipment and inventory. Companies who tax plan with Accountants Without Borders will never again dread tax season.

2. You may overpay your taxes and not even realize it.

International businesses aren’t held to the same regulations as those based in the United States. There are even circumstances where you’re not required to pay taxes as a non-resident or a non-US citizen. If your business isn’t engaged in trade or business in the US, then you may not owe taxes at all.

Finding tax exemptions and deductions within international regulations taxes takes an expert. When you work with Accountants Without Borders, you get over twenty years of experience on your team.

3. Get expert advice about where to launch your US business.

New businesses deciding where in the United States to establish their operation should know not all states offer the same benefits. The tax rate differences aren’t a concern, but there are still plenty of fees, laws, and regulations that can affect your company depending on your industry and goals.

Rather than researching 50 separate states or just picking one based on word-or-mouth or impulse, work with Accountants Without Borders. Our team can provide you with recommendations for where to set up your business and explain why.

4. Eliminate common mistakes and set yourself up for success.

Dealing with errors is just part of doing business. Even with a system in place to catch mistakes and mitigate consequences, you still want to minimize blunders where you can. That’s why savvy business owners work with experts the first time they try something new.

For over two decades, Accountants Without Borders has worked with international businesses to develop custom tax strategies. We can help you avoid common pitfalls and offer experienced guidance as professionals who’ve been through it before.

5. Work with a dedicated team, ready to help when you need it.

It’s hard to put value on having expert help when you need it. From understanding regulations to making early choices to avoid stress and expense later, business growth is more manageable when you’re working with a team with decades of experience.

We don’t tell every client the same thing or offer the same standardized tax solution regardless of your industry, base location, and goals. Our team gets to know your company and your aspirations and develops custom tax strategies to help you achieve them.

San Diego-based Accountants Without Borders helps international entrepreneurs launch their US businesses.

We believe in making wild dreams a reality. No matter the size of your business, or your plans for the future, we can help you expand your operation across the globe. We’re here with custom help, whether you’re US-based and looking at international growth or an entrepreneur living overseas hoping to launch a company based in the United States.

By taking the time to get to know your company and goals, we’ll never offer a cookie-cutter solution for your business. Contact us to put innovative business solutions to work for you.

Accountants Without borders can help companies doing business internationally.